Challenging the Chamber

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce works against the public interest across a variety of sectors. Get the facts on how the U.S. Chamber is fighting to weaken health and safety safeguards, further enrich Wall Street, and deny justice to consumers. You also can find out more about how large corporations are hiding behind the the Chamber and how they influence its messaging, lobbying, and campaign spending.


The Chamber is fighting tooth and nail to undermine innumerable hard-won public protections. The following links highlight some of the areas where we’re challenging the Chamber:


Civil Justice
The Chamber seeks to restrict consumers’ right to use courts to hold corporations accountable for wrongdoing. It does much of this work through its Institute for Legal Reform. [Read more…]


Energy and Climate
The Chamber favors large fossil fuel and nuclear companies at the expense of the health of our environment, climate and communities. Several major companies left the Chamber after denouncing its retrograde stances on climate change.[Read more…]


Financial reform
The Chamber’s stances on financial reform are characterized by efforts to delay, weaken and kill stabilizing safeguards. It uses the vague call for “job creation” to push back against regulations meant to stabilize a system that, when it crashes, causes massive job loss. [Read more…]


Health Care
The Chamber takes huge amounts of money from big pharmaceutical and health insurance companies to misinform the public on health care reform and to push policies that would increase those companies’ profits while restricting access to health care. [Read more…]


Political Spending
The Chamber of Commerce is the largest – and one of the least transparent – corporate lobbying groups in U.S. history. Chamber President Thomas Donohue himself has said, the Chamber intends to “give [members] all the deniability they need.” [Read more…]

Workplace safety
The U.S. Chamber consistently opposes federal government efforts to make workplaces safer for workers. Many of these battles involve fine details of rule-making and occur out of public view. [Read more…]